Inside My Bookshelf: My Essential Guide To A Great Book Collection

January 24, 2017

I love story telling. I love to be transported into other dimensions, time periods, other worlds and so on to learn and be emersed in a story. But with all these amazing stories out there, what are the essential elements to create a perfect library of adventure and wonder? How can a it spark creativity and passion? I think I have the answer. 


Just like every great book, there must be an element of diversity and demotion. If there is one note, the book falls flat. The same goes for your library. Here are the essential types of books every personal library needs (hint: this list also includes some of my favorite books so keep an eye out!) 


1) The Classic Novel 


There will alway be an argument on what can be considered a great and classic novel. Sure, there are some like Romeo and Juliet or The Odyssey that are studied and exhausted time and time again. But can we forget the modern classics like To Kill A Mocking Bird, Night or even The Great Gatsby? For me, my classic novel I always have in my library is Pride and Prejudice. Yes, when you first read it is the most exciting book on the planet? No. Actually, it took me a couple of reads before actually understanding the meaning of why it is a classic. I like strong female characters and this book is no exception. When it comes down to it, this book is full of women empowerment. Plus, having a hunky-prince like character like Mr. Darcy isn't half bad either. 





2) The All-Time Favorite Series 


Every bookshelf needs a series of books you can read over and over again. The best thing about a series is that with every novel, the story grows and continues. Pick a series you really enjoy and don't mind recommending! Also don't be afraid to go outside of the box. Sure Harry Potter and The Hunger Games are great but remember The Series of Unfortunate Events? How about Game Of Thrones? There are so many great hero out there so don't be afraid to explore. (I'm bias but I love Harry Potter and that is what it in my bookshelf! It was what made me fall in love with reading!) 




3) The Laugh-Out-Loud Comedy Book 


This is a necessity to the bookshelf. Sometimes, you need a good chuckle and having a funny favourite book on hand is the perfect thing. My go-to books are Tina Fey's BossyPants and Amy Pohler's Yes Please. I have read certain chapters over and over again just because they literally make me laugh until I cry. They are the perfect pick me up after a long day! 


























4) The Recommended Book 


Whether is was recommended by your mom or from a commercial on TV, the recommended book is great to have. It is the book that you might not read now or even a week from now but eventually when you do pick it up it will be fantastic. For me, this book is Gone Girl. After all the hype and with the movie coming out, I wanted to see if it lived up to the name. Trust me, it did. 




5) The Book That Is Turning Into A Movie Soon So I Better Read It Fast 


The Girl On The Train. Yep. 




6) The Biography On Something You Have An Interest In 


This book is a great addition because it is specific to your interests. From a book about relationships to maybe a enthralling story about a start up company, this book would be your source of not only entertainment but inspiration. For me, I love theatre and musicals. My current bookshelf obsession is Hamilton, the story of how the musical became a world wide phenomenon. It also is getting me excited for my trip to see it in Chicago February 18th!!! # RiseUp



7) The Book That Pertains To Your Career 


Everyone needs a little guidance when it come to their current of future career and books are a gateway to potential success. As a fashion major, I have all kinds of books on the business of fashion. My favorite is #GIRLBOSS. It is the story of how Nasty Gal started and their tips for how to be a successful woman in the industry. It gives me confidence to know I can be successful in every way. 


8) The All-Time Favorite Book 


This is the book where the cover is falling a part, it has water stains and written notes in the margins. It would be saved in a fire and has gotten you through tough times. It is the book you recommend for everyone. It is the book you take places to just read your favorite parts. For me, this book is A Thousand Splendid Suns. I first read it my junior year in my English Class. Myself and one other girl in the class chose it from a list books. We cried, we laughed and we connected with the main character so much. This is the book I will never forget and the book that is one of my all time favorites. 




So, I encourage you to build your bookshelf with these things. I encourage you to read as many stories as you can because nothing is more powerful than the power of a good book. 



With Love, 





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