What's In My Bag: Travel Essentials

February 22, 2017



These past few weeks have been crazy but I am finally back to writing every week! 


I have traveled all over the US and even abroad and have found the worst part of traveling is definitely the time spent at the airport. Going through security is always a nightmare and keeping yourself entertained can be hard to do. Here are my tips on how to make air travel easy for anyone! 


1) Wear easy shoes and simple clothing 

This ones seems like a no brainer but when you are packing all of your things it might be tempting to wear your bulkiest pair of shoes (like boots!) or your cutest outfit with all your jewelry. I suggest taking the time to figure out how to pack them and wear either slip on shoes or tennis shoes and an easy outfit like leggings and tee. It will get you through security fast and on your way without having to take the time to to put all those layers back on.


2) Bring a brand new book 

Bringing a brand new book is perfect for any frequent flyer. You can finally have some time to realx and read that book you have always wanted to read. Bringing a brand new one will keep you occupied for hours! 


3) A good pair of headphones 

Whether they are Beats by Dre (like I have!) or earbuds, having a good pair of headphones is essential for any flight. Even if you don't have music playing, putting in headphones (especially noise cancelling ones) can help you concentrate on anything you have to do on the plane or in the airport. 


4) Pack a snack 

I always grab a granola bar and stick it in my purse to have just incase. Lay overs, canceled flights or anything else that could go wrong with traveling may leave you with no time to eat. The complimentary peanuts can only do so much so its good to carry a healthy back up snack just incase. Plus, packing a healthy snack will help you make better choices than having airport food! 


5) Keep your ID/Passport/Plane ticket in an easy to reach spot 

This may seem like a simple idea but when the time comes we always revert to putting these things back in the mess that is our carry on bag. I try to keep these important items in an inside pocket of my jacket or in an easy grab pocket of my purse for quick access. 


6) A phone charger/ chargers for your device 

Many airports have charging stations but having your own will ensure your phone is always ready to go. Nothing is worse then your phone dying half way through your flight! 


7) Hand sanitizer 

Airports are packed with people. Who knows what germs could be lurking! Keeping it just in case might actually help prevent you from getting sick after a trip. 


8) Airborne or Advil (or both!) 

Carrying some kind medicine with you is great in general but especially when you travel! Like carrying hand sanitizer, these things can help you prevent getting sick or help with the headache of traveling! Airborne is my new addiction and makes me feel great. 


Happy traveling friends! Feel free to share your favorite things to carry when you travel and comment below! 





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