Top 5 Fashion Sites to Start Using

March 15, 2017

After studying abroad in London, I found there are many different outlets all fashionistas should follow, subscribe and experience at least once in their life. Whether you are more into clothes and shoes or skin care and statement pieces, these sights will help you bump up your wardrobe and give you new ways to try new products or revamp your look. 



Instagram: @liketoknowit 

App: LiketoKnow.It 



This is one of my favorite websites of all time (mainly because its super easy to shop!). Complied of awesome bloggers, LiketoKnow.It lets you shop bloggers Instagram's! All you have to do is sign up with your email and every picture you like with a liketoknowit link is sent straight to your email. They also launched a brand new app that allows you to screen shot and shop the looks too! It even complies all the looks you have liked so you can go shop later. Best app/ account I follow today. 




Instagram: @birchbox 

App: Birchbox 



While this isn't really a "find" any more, Birchbox is still something I am obsessed with. I love changing up my beauty routine and trying new products and Birchbox allows me to do that without breaking the bank. This is great to give as a gift and subscriptions can range from 3 months to 1 year. They let you fill out a survey about products you do and don't like and try to cater to that as well. If you like a product, you can even go back to the site and buy the full bottle. This is how I found my favorite make up spray, foundation and dry shampoo. 5 samples, one box and full of fun. 




Instagram: @shopbop 




If designer fashion and new inspiration is your thing, this is the site for you. With hundreds of designers for both men and women, SHOPBOP makes it easy to search for trends and inspiration all in one place. They have designers from all over making it fun to discover new pieces you'll love. They also often pair with bloggers to do Instagram round-ups where bloggers show their favorite picks for lower prices and sales! Score! 



Instagram: @shopstyle 

App: ShopStyle



Like SHOPBOP, ShopStyle is a similar concept only open to all brands not just designer. They range from Target to Neiman Marcus and sell just about any item you could be wanting. This is the best for price comparison and for locating specific pieces. They also have an awesome Editor's blog and a new feature of a tailored shopping experience. You pick your favorite brands and it recommends other products and brand you might love! SO AWESOME! 



The Business Of Fashion 

Instagram: @BoF

App: Business of Fashion 



This is for my ultimate fashion lovers: a site dedicated to industry news. While they have awesome inspiration (especially around fashion week time), this site is best for any industry news, new designer plugs and overall fashion trends. Subscribe for free and get 5 articles in your mailbox every morning so you are in the know on all (fun!) news updates. I have been a member of BoF for over a year now and its still the best part of my day when I get to read whats going on in the world of fashion. 



Be sure to comment your favorite sites below and share with other fashionistas! Happy exploring! 





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