Breast Cancer Awareness Has A Whole New Meaning

October 17, 2017



We all know October is breast cancer awareness month. We do the walks, we give back and we empower those women who have gone through it. This year, I am more aware of how our support helps.


In May of 2017, I got a phone call from my mom, Carol, who told me they found a small tumor in her breast. I listened. She answered all my questions. She told me how they were going to treat it. I cried. She cried. We figured out how we were going to get through this. At the time, I didn't know what to feel. I always knew of others who had it. I supported Breast Cancer Awareness month and had learned about what that meant in school. But I never thought it could happen to my family. My mom. 




Although this was a nerve-racking, stressful and scary situation, my moms cancer was caught extremely early thanks to 3D mammogram. 3D mammograms are expensive and are most of the time not covered by insurance. But if you have the option to do it, do it. Because she had this type of mammogram, she didn't need chemotherapy. She was able to just do radiation for the duration of the summer. She didn't have to have surgery or do anything invasive. If it wasn't for her making the choice to have that, the tumor would have developed. It would have gone unnoticed until it wanted to be noticed. It could have been more serious. 


I encourage all women out there to read and take care of their bodies. Go to your check ups. Do not put it off. Learn about your family history and take action. Breast cancer cannot keep winning these battles. The more we fight for research, accessibility and awareness means one step closer to finding a cure. I am thankful to share my story with you readers today and hope that it encourages you to do your part. 


There are plenty of ways to support Breast Cancer Awareness month and more information can be found here:





Lastly, I wanted to share how I show my support for my mom. I partnered with Ocean and Sea to feature this amazing pink "dad" hat. I wear it for my mom and all those survivors out there. 

Get this hat and many other goodies here. 



Thank you for reading and let fight together to end breast cancer!  


With Love,  







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