Tea and Tell: Week 3

January 27, 2018

 Happy Saturday readers! Life got in the way this week and sometimes figuring out what you need gets in the way of what you want. I had some pretty big life changes (mostly exciting job related!) and needed time to process everything! With all this change, it is easy to find comfort in old favorites so that is what this weeks Tea and Tell is all about. Here are some of my favorite things that give me comfort when I am feeling overwhelmed with change. 



1) Favorite Show to Binge Right Now: Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee (Netflix) 

 Created by Jerry Seinfeld, this show is a perfect binge watch when you just want a good laugh. It is exactly like the title says, Jerry rents these amazing old cars, picks up different comedians (everyone from Jimmy Fallon to Amy Schumer) and they go to a coffee shop and drink coffee. What is so great about this show is that the comedians share life experiences and favorite moments from different things they have done. The whole program is hilarious and relaxed. Jerry, of course, is a perfect host and brings out the best in all of his guests. Now streaming on Netflix! 



2) Favorite Candle: Roses Scented Candle 

 Let me just preface this by saying, I am a candle fanatic. I LOVE any candle I can get my hands on. My sister gave me this one for christmas and I think this one takes spot as number one favorite. It is the littlest candle but it packs an amazing punch into the air when burning. It also has lasted longer than I thought! I still am burning it and its been over a month. Any candle lover should have this in their home. Get it here! 



3) Trend I am Loving: Wrap Front 


Both of the above photos are closet staples I recently bought and I find myself now wanting wrap front anything when I go shopping! The wrap front is extremely flattering on all body shapes and creates a great silhouette for any style. I love that they hit my waist just where I like it and always makes me look (and feel!) my best! Get the dress here and my grey shirt here.


4) App I'm Using: Headspace 

 I recently was looking at ways to calm myself down after stressful days. Running a blog, having a day job, trying to be healthy, having a social life and everything in between can get overwhelming. I read about so many mediation apps and this one got the best reviews so I decided to try it. Wow. This is the real deal. What I love about this app is it starts you off slow and gradually builds to deeper mediation. You don't have to lie down or do anything that doesn't feel natural. Just stop and listen to the guided mediation for 10 minutes and you feel so much better. Plus, there are different guided meditations for all types of stress from work to sitting in traffic. Get it at the app store on any smartphone device! 



I don't have a 5th favorite this week just because these are seriously giving me all the best feelings! Hope these can bring you joy and comfort in the next week!! 


With love, 





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