Take Risks: Create and Cultivate Conference 2018

March 8, 2018


Happy Thursday Readers! I have officially recovered from my weekend travels and I am so excited to share with you the 3 big take aways I had from this weekends Create and Cultivate conference in LA. Create and Cultivate is a blog, business, conference and much more geared toward women entrepreneurs and how women impact the working world. I came across the conference when my favorite blogger, Gal Meets Glam's Julia Engle, posted she was going to be a speaker. After researching and learning about what the conference entailed and the speakers that were going to be there (looking at you Kim Kardashian!) I knew I had to go. I had to go not only to learn from these amazing women but to develop my own personal growth by stepping out of my comfort zone. 


 Since I had bought a GA pass, I was unable to pick my track. Luckily, I ended up in track 2: the social media track. This track was ideal for the blogger in me. The day was packed with 6 panels and 3 key note speakers. The panels included session on podcasts, non-stop posting and how to obtain a following. Each speaker had years of experience both in the business world and in the blogging world. While each session was specific to the topics success, many of the panel focused on 3 key areas for achievement. Here are the 3 key take aways from those panelists. 


 1) Be Patient 



I will tell you right now, I am not patient. I like events in my life to move quickly and get antsy when life events take forever. So when I started my blog, I expected my success to sky rocket within the first few months. TBH, I thought I would be collaborating and making a living off of sponsorships within 3 months... a girl can dream right? But the best advice my mentor, Kate Albrecht (AKA Mr. Kate, check her out on her site here) was nothing happens overnight and it can be a struggle. She had created an amazing following on Youtube, wrote a book and is a successful blogger but it took her 8 years to get to a spot where she was somewhat comfortable. And even still, she wants to do more! I look at the bloggers in this saturated market and lots of the ones I follow have been in the game for 5+ years. So if you are looking to blog or start a business, remain patient. You will get there... it just takes time. 


2) Put in the Work  

 This might seem like a no brainer but when you think about it, how many shortcuts do we all try to take? Have you truly put your best foot forward every single day you tired to make your blog or business work? I will personally tell you, no. I have skipped weeks, days and even months without touching my blog. I have lost inspiration, told myself it was to hard to do with a full time job and that I will never have enough time. EVERY. SINGLE. PANEL. SAID. IT. CANNOT. HAPPEN. WITHOUT. THE. WORK. That might mean late nights and early mornings. That might mean jam packed weekends and planned out days down the hour. But if you really want it, put in the work. If you believe in what you are doing, your vision will happen. But it won't happen out of thin air. Along with putting in the work, surround yourself with others that also believe and understand the work you are doing. Create a supportive environment that will give you the strength to achieve your dreams. I am very lucky to have a family, boyfriend and friends that encourage me to keep writing and creating. I don't know where I would be without them! 


3) Be Authentic 


 Sitting in the second session, Body Positivity, I started thinking of all the ways and shots I thought I "needed" on my Instagram. But after hearing this panel about embracing who you are no matter what you look like, what you think, what you believe and what you create, I had this revelation that I was trying to hard. I haven't been my most authentic self on this blog. I have created content I am not super passionate about to try to "please" what I thought bloggers should be. It was interesting to me that every panel from this one forward and even the keynotes from Kim K and Chrissy involved the subject of authenticity. So moving forward, I have redirected some channels on my blog. I will show you guys more of me as a person and my favorite things. I took off some channels (like beauty) because deep down... I no nothing about it. I added a career section because I feel it is important to document my life as a 20 something young business women trying to figure out what type of career she wants. I have knowledge to share and I am so excited to let you all see who I am as a person and not just as a filter on Instagram. Get ready for more of the real Kristin! 


4) Remember Why You Started This In The First Place 

 All the women I met at the conference both attendees and panelists had one thing in common: they wanted to share their business and success with one another. This market is so saturated with all kinds of blogs and people trying to create that it can be hard not to feel lost in the crowd. It is important to remember what makes you different and why you started in the first place. For me, blogging was a hobby. I wanted to practice my writing skills, create something fun and have a place to share my thoughts and style with the world. It started for me as a fashion blog and I need to remember that is my main passion. I have a personal (and easy going!) style that I feel can relate to a lot of women. I love bright colors, all types of trends and I am not afraid to not have one "signature" look. It's always been about fun. So, I want that to shine through. 


5) Take Time For Yourself 




 The last piece of advice I heard from the 3 fabulous keynote speakers pictured above was to take care of yourself. As business women, we tend to try to "have it all". And let me tell you... IT IS EXHAUSTING!!! None of us in this world are super human and we all have human needs  (like sleep and being able to binge watch Netfilx for an entire day and not feel bad about it). I have started to take better care of myself in 2018 by trying meditation, drinking more water and walking at least once a day and cannot wait to continue on my self care. It is an important reminder to all of us that we have to slow down every once and a while otherwise life will pass us by. Take time to enjoy things you love, unplug from your phone once and a while and listen to your body. It is the only way we can continue to live a happy and healthy life. 



Happy International Women's Day to all the powerful women out there and I cannot wait to share more of my authentic self with you all! 


With Love, 





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