Tea and Tell: Week 7

April 2, 2018

 Happy Monday readers! WOW WHAT A PAST COUPLE OF WEEKS. There are a lot of changes happening in my life (personally and professionally) and change can get overwhelming. While I normally embrace and accept change, this time around I have had a hard time adjusting. Maybe it is the sudden movements or everything happening at once but I have felt in a rut. If you have noticed, the last few weeks I have been a little dormant on social media. Let me tell you first hand, I have felt no inspiration or motivation to write. I have never had these feelings before and I did not want to generate content that I was not happy with. Luckily, after lots of phone calls with Mom and a little encouragement from friends and family, I have regained my motivation. This weeks Tea and Tell is all about things that help get me out of funks and back into a positive groove. 


1) Lighting My Favorite Candle: Sangria by The Little Market 


 This candle is absolutely a must have in any candle lovers collection. Not only does it have a fruity and sweet sent, it isn't over-powerful and carries a whole lot of good. This Little Market is a company that resources all of its products from artisan women. They reach out and have their goods made by women all across the globe who may be in a tougher situation than most. These goods are hand crafted and the profits help these women stay employees and so much more. It is stories like these that remind me to keep going and want to help in some kind of way. Every time I light this candle, I remember there is a women out there staying empowered. Get this and many other custom goods here



2) Reading A New Thriller Novel: Currently All The Missing Girls By Megan Miranda 

Reading is an escape for me. While we all know how much I love to binge watch (I have literally every app on Hulu and watch TV like an addict), when I feel stressed I reach for a good old fashion novel. I have read a lot of biographies and confidence books but sometimes I just need to get into another world. Thrillers are my absolute go-to genre for fiction. I am almost through this one and I AM ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT! It is about a girl, Nicolette, who moves back to her hometown for the summer. She hasn't been back since her best friend disappear their senior year of high school and as soon as she returns, her younger neighbour goes missing. There are so many twists and turns. Nothing is as it seems!  



3) My Go-To Need To Vent Drink: Moscow Mule 

 Sometimes, you just need to vent. You need to scream, cry and let it all out to feel better. For me, going to a happy hour with my best friend, ordering my favorite drink and talking it out can give me a sense of clarity among my head spinning in circles. My go-to drink (beside wine!) is Moscow Mule. Ginger beer. Vodka. Lime. That's it. Tip: use my family recipe and use lime vodka instead of regular. 



4) For The Long Nights: NARS Concealer 

 Deadlines, day job, blog posts, Instagram and more can keep a girl up at night. Creative bursts or information overloads can happen at any time (even at 3am in the morning). This is my absolute favorite concealer because it not only hides my dark circles but it gives my eyes an extra burst of radiance. It comes in several shades and can be found at Sephora or on the NARS website. PS: it only cost $30 and lasts forever!! Get it here.



5) To Take A Break: Do A Social Detox 

 I never thought I would need this until I started my blog. Social media is a great place and is full of love and support. But sometimes, you can get caught up in comparisons. I'm still growing and so thankful for all my followers have given me but it can be easy to look at others and think "they are doing better than me." So from now on, I will not be afraid to unplug. To put my phone away in another room and be surrounded by real life interaction. After a few days of doing this, I am reminded by why I do what I do and why I love it.  


I hope this tips help you as much as they have helped me over these past few weeks. Don't forget to always reach out to those you love and trust for extra guidence as needed. I love you all and heres to a less stressful week. 


With Love, 






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