10 Podcasts For Those Who Want To Get Into Podcasts

November 13, 2018

Alright guys, it is no surprise that I'm obsessed podcasts. And when I mean obsessed, I mean like I have a heavy daily rotation of those that I listen to. From politics to entrepreneurs to a simple and plain great story, podcasts are a great way to switch up from listening to music. In addition, it creates a community with other people who have similar interests as you. I would have never expressed my love for true crime (a separate true crime post to come!) if it wasn't for podcasts. I also would have never developed my entrepreneurship style or be up to date on the news if it wasn't for podcasts. Here are some of my favorites that I started with that if you are looking to start listening might be a great fit for you! 


1) How I Built This With Guy Raz 

How I Built This was one of the first podcasts I ever listened to for a couple of reasons. First, who doesn't like knowing the backstory to their favorite brands?  Ever wonder how Kendra Scott, Dyson or even the Power Rangers got started? This podcast sits down with the creators, idealists and some of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time. It is so riveting hearing their stories and how they found a gap in the market to fill. The second reason I love this podcast is the host. Guy is funny, insightful and asks genuine questions to provoke the conversation. He isn't afraid to ask about what failed, what worked and if they think they were just lucky. For anyone who loves a great story, this one is for you! 


2) This American Life 

 This American Life is most known for producing the podcast Serial (don't worry it is the next on this list!) but itself stands alone as one of the best podcasts I have listened to. This American Life is exactly what it sounds like, it is real life stories of the american people. From broken school systems to how to talk to your kids, each episode has a theme with 3 stories tied to the theme. They cover a wide range and give you a great insight into the american world. 


3) Serial 

 Sticking with the above podcast network, Serial is a show that put podcasting back on the map. If you haven't heard of this, I would be shocked. Serial started out as an investigative journalism podcast that followed the story for Adnan Syed, a man convicted of murdering his girlfriend in the 1990s. However, this podcast starts out with Adnan's story and completely transforms into a "did he really do it?" podcast. Think Making a Murder but in a podcast and way more missing holes in the original story. Serial became a worldwide phenomenon that got critics talking all the way back to the courts. MUST MUST MUST for any first time podcaster! 


4) The Daily by the New York Times 


I love this podcast for multiple reasons. But the number 1 reason is it makes me feel like I know what it going on in the world. The Daily is a podcast produced by the New York Times to give you an insight into current events. The release daily episodes based on what is happening around the globe. Politics is the main focus (What is going on in Trump's White House is a major theme) but it also covers things like mass shootings or even the wildfires in California. It breaks down how we got here and why it is important without having to decipher through the new and political jargon. 


5) The Morning Toast 

 Ok so you have listened to The Daily but now want something a little more upbeat right? Enter The Morning Toast. Two Sisters, Jackie and Claudia, sit down to tell you 5 things you need to know before you take a bite out of your morning toast. They cover current events but their commentary is SPOT ON!!!! They are like your best girlfriend telling you the news. Oh and don't worry, for all you Bravo, Bachelor or anything of that nature lovers, they do special breakdowns of The Real Housewives and each season of the Bachelor and Bachelorette. Win, win! 


6) Last Seen by The Boston Globe 

 I know I promised I would do a separate post about true crime and murder but there are few that are a MUST for any first time listener. Last Seen follows one of Boston's greatest art heists of all time that has never been solved: The Garner Museum. They follow the timeline point by point to try and figure out who could have been involved. Was it the Mob? An inside job? Or someone completely unrelated? The stories are fascinating and the suspects get more and more intense. Also, The Boston Globe is a newspaper known for exposing scandal (think the Catholic Church Molestations) so you know they aren't going down in this podcast without a fight. 


7) Oprah's Super Soul Conversations 

WHO ELSE MISSES OPRAH SO MUCH?! I remember going home after school and turning on Oprah to see what interesting person she was interviewing. Well now, Oprah is back in podcast form. Her super soul conversations are for anyone who needs a quick pick me up. Anyone who needs inspiration or just a touching story needs this podcast in there life. Oprah sits down with the world's most inspiring people to talk about their lives and the advice they would give. Anyone who loves Oprah as much as I do needs to take a listen. 


8) Dirty John by The Los Angeles Times 


 Another day, another true crime podcast. Dirty John follows the story of a woman who falls in love with a surgeon... or so she thinks. I can't tell you to much about this without giving it away but let me say that this will keep you on the edge of your seat. Looking for something to keep you up at night... this might be the one for you. 



9) The Skinny Confidential Him and Her



I actually learned about this podcast during a podcast 101 session at Create and Cultivate back in February when Lauren came to talk about how she went from full-time blogger to full-time podcaster. Lauren and her husband Michael have been podcasting for a while and the world has fallen in love with them. They talk about all kinds of topics and each have their own viewpoint of the situation. It is an interesting take and the two have the best chemistry! Plus, they have guest stars galore and if you like influencers you will definitely recognize the names! 


10) My Favorite Murder 

 You all knew this was coming. Hands down my favorite podcast of all time. It is where comedy and murder meet and it couldn't be more epic. Karen and Georgia feel like old friends and their wit and banter are laugh out loud funny!! If you like murder but want a laugh, this needs to be on your radar ASAP!! 


Those are the first 10 but don't worry I have plenty more! Let me know what your favorite podcast is or what other lists you want to see!! I have some ideas but I want to continue to share my love of all things media. From movies to podcasts to music to TV, I love it all and want to share that with my readers! More to come and happy listening!


With Love,





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