24 in 24

December 5, 2018

 I turned 24 last month. I still can't rent a car and still don't ~totally~ feel like an adult but I do think this past year has been one of the hardest I have ever experienced. I changed jobs, apartments and got engaged all in 2018 and needless to say I learned some pretty important things along the way. Here is 24 things I learned in my 24 years of life! 


1. Wishing you moved away after graduation goes away quickly when you realize you like living close to your friends and family 


2. Especially when your parents invite you over for dinner every Sunday because they know you are out of groceries 


3. Self-care is so important hunnnneeeyyy!!! Face mask, wine, binge watch, read, watch Tasty videos..... take time to do what makes you happy 


4. Work is important but it isn't (and shouldn't be) your entire life 


5. Call old friends even if it has been years. Staying connected can help you in all areas of life  


6. Take care of your body... take a walk and eat some greens once and awhile 


7. Also, don't limit your body... if you want some ice cream have some. Don't deprive it is all about balance. 


8. Find what you are passionate about and continue to love it! Passions are there for a reason and shouldn't be given up once you enter the "adult" world 


9. Trader Joes is life 


10. Live with your girlfriend as long as you can... don't skip out on these last few opportunities to do so!  


11. On the flip side, live alone if you can. You learn more about yourself then you will ever know. 


12. It is ok to go out on a weeknight 


13. It is ok to stay in on a weekend 


14. Go to a trivia night and drink one to many margaritas 




16. Try to wake up earlier than normal. Mornings are so peaceful and should be experienced. 


17. Don't give up on your side projects. Good things come to those that wait 


18. Rewards will happen if you work hard.... and also if you be nice to other humans 


19. Save a portion of your paycheck.. you won't miss it if you do it from the beginning 


20. Treat yo self to that new top/shoes/jacket whatever brings you joy 


21. Read the news and stay up to date on current events 


22. Be alone if you need to be alone 


23. Ask for help when you are struggling 


24. Tell the ones in your daily life you love them. Tell them often and give them lots of hugs. You can't make it through life without them! 


Cheers to the next 24 years! 


With Love, 




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