TV Shows that Come Back This Month That You NEED To Binge Watch

January 9, 2019




Hi pals!! As we all know, I’m obsessed with all things movies and tv. So obviously, award shows are my Super Bowl. Sunday night was all about the Golden Globes and it made me so excited for this year in tv and movies. Speaking of tv, a bunch of tv shows from the fall have their winter premiere this month. Since I watch basically all of them, I'll recap the ones I am most excited for. However, I'll be sure to let you all know my thoughts on Instagram and in my highlights of what is worth the watch! 


1) Brooklyn Nine-Nine (NBC) 

If you haven't heard the ~gossip~ about this show, let me recap. This amazingly witty, hilarious, smart, quick and feel good show was on FOX for 5 seasons. Cut to last Fall where FOX announced its cancelation. Cue an up-roar by me and about a million other people on the internet. Enter the real hero, NBC, for picking it up for a 6th season. Did you get all that? Needless to say, this show is everything you wanted in a buddy cop series with the awesome humor of Andy Samberg. Samberg plays Jake Peralta, a Brooklyn detective who wanted to be a detective after watching Die Hard and is pretty great at it... well by shear luck that is. Jake and his fellow precinct members are committed to solving cases and maybe pranking each other along the way.  If you love The Office and Parks and Rec, guaranteed you will love this show. 


Catch up on all 5 seasons on HULU and watch the 6th season on NBC January 20th. 



2) True Detective (HBO)

 Another cop show only this time things get dark. True Detective has truly been one of HBO's best series. Each season follows a new story line with a whole new cast and all new twists. The first season was absolutely outstanding winning accolades and being talked about in the media. However the second season didn't win the audience over at all. In fact, it bombed. Season 3 looks promising and I am excited to see what unfolds so I would give it a chance. Murder mystery of a boy in the 1970s revisited by a cop in present day that has worked on the case for over multiple decades. Plus it has Mahershala Ali (Moonlight, Green Book) so how bad could it be? 


Catch up on HBO and watch Season 3 January 13th. 


3) The Good Place 

Holy forkin' shirt this show is everything. If you haven't started watching this show, stop reading right now, go watch the first 4 seasons then come back. I'll wait....This show has the best concept and the best team of people to make it come to reality. Elenor (Kristen Bell) is a low life, sassy, ill-mannered human on earth that dies unexpectedly. When she wakes up, she is in The Good Place aka not where she is suppose to be. That is all I can say without giving to much away but wow the writing here is FANTASTIC. Plus, Ted Danson!!! (you know him as Sam from Cheers!) Also, if you do watch, Jason is hands down the best character ever created and if you don't think that is true then we need to have a serious conversation about your life choices. 


Catch up on all 4 seasons on HULU and watch the mid-winter premier on January 10th. 


4) Broad City (Comedy Central) 

 This is my newest obsession as I just started watching this brilliant show last week. If you have friends in New York or live there yourself, this show will make you laugh so hard. I know so many millenials like Abbi and Illana and it is so relatable it hurts. Both have little money but are always trying to make the most of life and are very much there for each other. If you watched Girls on HBO, Broad City will be your new fave. I'm trying to catch up on all 4 seasons before their 5th (and final!) one premiers. YASS QUEEN!! 


Catch up on all 4 seasons on HULU and watch the final season on January 24th. 


5) This Is US 

 Grab your tissues because season 3 is back after the MAJOR cliffhanger this Fall. If you haven't heard of this show then you must have been living under a rock for the past 3 years. This show has absolutely everything: family, comfort and Milo Ventimiglia shirtless. Did I mention that Milo Ventimiglia (aka Jess Mariano, Rory Gilmore's bad boy love intrest) is in this?! This is Us follows the Pearson family Jack and Rebecca (MANDY FREAKING MOORE!!) and their 3 triplets Randall, Kate and Kevin. That is all I will say and please let's start a This Is Us support group for everyone that watches.


Catch up on all 3 seasons on HULU and watch the mid-season premiere January 15th.  


I am so STOKED for the January premieres and like I said be sure to follow me on Instagram for even more TV content! And be sure to check out my other suggestions for all thing media in my tvs, movies and podcasts page! 


With Love, 




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