3 Things I Started Doing For Myself

March 28, 2019






I’m a people pleaser. It is who I am and who I have always been. Last year, I was in an exhausting job and found myself not taking care of myself. I was fueling my body with sugar and comfort food and not with the nutrients it needed. I wasn’t sleeping and getting paranoid that I was going to miss my alarm or that someone was going to break into my little apartment. I realized I was stressing about the littlest things and not taking time to check in to what makes me..... well me. Over the past year, I have made some major life changes and have tried all kinds of self care tips, tricks and everything in between. I have narrowed down the 3 things that have helped me get back to me and hope this post inspires you to find what makes you feel like you. Remember, self care is what makes YOU feel good and everyone has their favorite things. 


1: I joined a fitness studio 


Last August, I bit the bullet and joined a popular fitness studio here in KC called Fusion Fitness. It is notorious for being difficult, challenging and empowering. I would categorize myself as an athletic built but being a dancer my whole life, I never learned how to work out properly. All of my workouts consisted of dancing and maybe doing some abs and sit ups. After my first year out of college, I noticed that not being active was having an effect on both my mental health and physical health. I knew I needed a hard push to get me back to a good headspace. Fusion has helped me in so many ways. It lets me disconnect from my phone (which as a blogger I struggle with a lot) and take an hour to focus on me and my body. While most days I dread going, I always feel better after I go. 


2: I have started taking care of my skin 


I have been very fortunate to have grown up with pretty clear skin. I do break out every once and a while but overall it has only been either hormonal or because I can’t stay away from sugar (sue me). Over the past couple of years, I have really started to take notice of how my skin was reacting to certain formulas and make up. I have switched most of my makeup products from drug store to higher end and have noticed a huge difference!! My skin is brighter, more moisturized and overall healthier. I see less breakouts and more days of clear skin. I started doing face masks to reset my skin and even jade roll for puffiness. My skin has become an interest of mine and making it a priority has made me feel like more of a real life adult. 


3: I check in with my emotions


After graduating, I went through a tough time of trying to figure out who I was and who I wanted to be. I wrote all about my journey in “How I Learned To Deal With Change” post but what I didn’t mention is how I learned to check in with my emotions. I have the personality of an energizer bunny. I go and go and go and never stop until something is finished. I like to be fast and efficient and perfect. Turns, out that is really hard to do in a world that is constantly moving and changing. I hit a pretty low point last winter and decided it was time I start to let my feelings out. I started using headspace to meditate, go to yoga and use a calming app at night to help me wind down. Checking in with my emotions have made me more aware of when I need to slow down. It helps me not only handle life but makes me a better friend, girlfriend and person. 



This is a process and some days I still have sleepless nights and a fast track brain. But as I start slowing down, the more everything becomes a little easier. Can’t wait to see where my self care leads me next. 


With Love, 





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