Why I Prefer The Term Blogger

August 1, 2019

I am a blogger not an influencer. 


When people ask me about my blog, I tell them my name and they immediately go search me on Instagram. While I love social media, I identify as a blogger. I have a platform where I get to fully share my thoughts and feelings. I get asked a lot what the difference between a blogger and influencer are and I felt it was time to clear up some questions. To me, and I want to clarify this is my opinion not the textbook definition, a blogger is when there is a website involved. Bloggers put most of their content on their site as opposed to social media. They create businesses, build brands and work with brands because of the site they created. We use social media as a platform for quick content but we pour our heart, soul and thought into the website. An influencer on the other hand uses Instagram as their main outlook. They put everything there and only there. No full blog posts, no original web content- just Instagram. They may work with brands but only based on their following. They only use their photos to promote and don't have the creative freedom a website provides. Both are great but "influencers" tend make bloggers get a bad wrap. We get lumped in the same basket when in reality there is a huge difference. 



I recently have become hyper aware of the affect social media is having on me. The pressure to post, look great in stories, use affiliate links, have cute outfits everyday and more has become a weight on me. I have had a lot of change happening in my life (all very exciting!) and my Instagram has become a place of stress. Didn't take a cute OOTD photo? I failed. Don't post to LIKEtoKNOW.it often or don't have a huge following after 2 years? I better just quit. I have become obsessive over the amount of likes and followers and it is time I focus why I started this in the first place.


But why does this happen? The Influencer space has become extremely saturated in the past couple of years. Anyone can start, which is great and I definitely recommend if you are passionate about it, but make sure it is for the right reasons. You won't gain a following overnight (at least not authentically). You won't be Instagram famous overnight. And if you aren't true to who you are then why are your starting one? Loop giveaways and ads are good to gain followers quickly but if they drop off days later you won't be building the following you really want. In addition to the trap of pressure to look perfect, a general reminder is Instagram owns your content. If they decide to shut down one day, then they take all that content with them. Instagram is a great tool for getting quick content out but I constantly have to remind myself that its only a tool. My real heart is here on krisandtell.com. 



If you have read some of my early posts back in 2017, you know that I love to write. I always wanted to start a blog not an Instagram. I feel more connected when I write. I feel I can fully explain my thoughts, feelings, products I love and style in depth here. I feel a sense of pride when I get on to write because I own this platform! I designed it myself (and tweak as a I go), I come up with the ideas of what I want to say and the categories I want to feature. I pay a monthly fee to Wix to own my domain. IT. IS. ALL. MINE. And I feel amazing about that. 


So please, call me a blogger! I put a lot of work and heart here. Come read what I got. Share my website and content with others. Sure follow me on Instagram but use that as a tool to get here. This is where the magic is. This is where I want to spend my time. This is where my focus will be from now on. 


What are your thoughts on bloggers v influencers? Let me know!! I would love to hear your take on this industry and answer any questions you have. 


With Love, 




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